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Biba Trade Show
for the Insurance Industry

A brief synopsis of the trade show portraying the insurance industry. Plus interviews with clients and staff on the ACE stand asking the question, "What makes ACE stand out in the insurance industry?"

corporate video

Corporate video is one of the most successful and compelling marketing methods utilised today. Perhaps you own a health spa, how great to show off your facilities and tell prospective customers about some of your unique treatments? A trade supplier could demonstrate his extensive knowledge and stock holdings for instant delivery, and talk direct to camera about his commitment to personal service. You can add interview snippets with satisfied customers, or give tips and advice.

Having worked in broadcasting for many years, we know how to get the best out of interviewees and make the most of visual opportunities. We like to keep things simple and with our BBC background we also pride ourselves on having high production standards.

We agree a package and a price. We help you work through how the finished item might take shape, whether you would like a scripted 'mini-movie' with commentary voiced by a professional, or whether you would like to talk direct to camera yourself. All our packages include the option to have a main introductory video – probably to go on your home page – plus a number of additional simple 'clips'. These might involve you talking direct to camera about what makes your business unique, or giving hints, tips or ideas so there is 'added value' for your website visitors. If you prefer, we can interview you and use individual answers as standalone clips for the site.

We agree practicalities – how long filming is likely to take, what style you are aiming for, and the key script points for the main video. Are there to be additional inserts? If so, how many and what points will be made.

On the day of filming we have the option to make any last-minute changes or incorporate additional filming elements if feasible. If you are to be interviewed, or to deliver points direct to camera, don't worry – with our broadcast background, we are highly experienced at coaching you to coax out the best performance.

We then agree final script details before the editing process takes place. When ready we will provide the edited material for your approval. After any final changes we let you have the finished product online and on DVD. You can then either make arrangements with your webmaster or Internet Service Provider to incorporate the material on your website, or if you prefer we can arrange to 'host' the material online ourselves.

Contact us and tell us what you want to achieve with the video – who it's aimed at, what sort of points you want to get accross we can do the rest.