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Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio, a Presenter, Cameraman and Autocue all for under £500. We can also provide scipts.

about endorfintv

Formerly known as Video Matters, Mark Jenner started endorfintv.com in 1989

Over the last 20 years we have produced some great videos for our clients and we are delighted to say that they are still coming back to us twenty years on - now that alone says something about how customer focused we are.

We are YouTube Social Media Specialists and have been since October 2005, well before video on the web and social media became buzz words.

Having worked in broadcasting for many years, we know how to get the best out of interviewees and make the most of visual opportunities. We like to keep things simple and with our BBC background we also pride ourselves on having high production standards.

Call us now and we'll tell you how you can have a sales generating YouTube made video for you and online in three days. To date we have a 100% success record of sales created through using video on YouTube.


Using online video is easy if you know how. We have created a free ten-step guide - please contact us and we will happily email you a copy.

Meanwhile here are three tips to get you started...

Be creative

Think carefully about what impression you want to create or what image you want to project. If you are in the business of providing luxury spa treatments your video will want to suggest style and ambience – very different from someone selling their products on the basis of the cheapest price in the area. Think what really motivates your customers. Is it price? A desire for exclusivity? Or the need for a reliable service? You need to identify those aspects of your business that make you distinctive, so we can home in on filming things which mark you out from your competitors.

Get personal

Depending on your type of business, talking directly to camera about what you do can be very effective. If you look the camera in the eye and say 'I personally guarantee that you won't find a better deal in the south of England' people are likely to take it more seriously than if it's just a faceless corporate slogan. The same filming technique works well if you have a story to tell about what inspired you to start the business, or if you have some particular points to make that serious buyers would find relevant. It doesn't just have to be the hard sell!

Brevity can be a virtue

Web surfers' attention spans are short, and very few people will watch a promotional video of more than 2-3 minutes unless they are highly motivated and there is some sort of added value. Often a short, snappy minute or so that gets to the point and leaves you wanting more can be very effective. If you have a broader product offer or attractive visuals then something more elaborate is preferable. Again, think about the audience's motivation – are they stakeholders who need to watch because you are conveying important information? In that case, you can go on at much greater length and focus on substance rather than style, because that is what they are looking for.